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Alphawin is a brand specialized and developing and creating algorithms in sports, especially applied to football. In 2017, Alphawin released its first algorithm, an algorithm aimed at identifying key characteristics on penalty kicks and using that information to help predict the final outcome of the penalty kick, in terms of side and success. This algorithm was intended to work as a decision support mechanism, to help players and managers increase their performance, in one of the most stressful moments of a football game.

Since then, Alphawin has been recognized by its innovative approaches on algorithms and decision support systems.

Who we Are  

Our international team of researchers is mainly characterized by their multidisciplinary facet, incorporating from researchers in mathematical modeling up to specialists in sports performance.

Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team at AlphaWin

Alexandre Real photo

Alexandre Real

Co-Founder & CEO
Pedro Zorro photo

Pedro Zorro

Co-Founder & Tecnical Coordinator
João Fialho photo

João Fialho

Co-Founder & Scientific Coordinator

Alexandre Real
Co-Founder & CEO of the Alphawin project

In 1999 he was awarded by ANJE as the winner of the Business Ideas Contest at the Lusíada University of Lisbon

In 2007 and 2014 he was part of the coordination team that won the prize for "Best Event of Motivation and Incentive of Portugal" - 24 Hours of Management and 24 Hours of Logistics

Since 2013 he has been distinguished several times as one of the most influential elements (among more than one million participants) in the Harvard Business Review group at Linkedin
He collaborated in the content of the book on International Marketing "Portuguese Champions Abroad"

He was a Consultant in the European Project - EUFACINET - European Facilitators Network
Since 2016 he belongs to the coordination team of "Rock in Rio Academy"

Professor at I.S.PA.- I.U. in the Graduate Training in Leadership and Team Development.

Currently he is also a partner of SFORI and OTIMI.

Member of the Board of Nonprofit Associations "Portugal Now" and "People 2020".

In academic terms he owns Master's degree in Business Management (UAL), a Law Degree with a specialization in Legal and Economic Sciences (UAL), an MBA in Planning and Business Strategy (UAL), a Graduate in Leadership and Team Development (ISPA) recently successfully attended the Effective Leadership Program (NOVA SBE).

He is a guest lecturer at several conferences and seminars.

In addition to several articles published in numerous media he is currently a columnist in Jornal de Negócios and Dinheiro Vivo.

In 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, 2016 UEFA European Football in France and 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia he was a guest commentator on TSF Radio to analyze, in various interventions, the entire campaign and performance of the Portuguese Football Team AA.

Since 2018 he is part of the coordination team of the project "Melhoria de performance desportiva – penalties" with the under 18 squad, in cooperation with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).

Pedro Zorro
Co-Founder & Tecnical Coordinator of the Alphawin project

Sports Professional, Degree in Sports Science (Major in Physical Education and Minor in Sports Training) at the Faculty of Human Motricity and developed an academic internship (2017/2018) at Sport Lisboa e Benfica, with the functions of assistant coach of the Infants echelon.

Since 2018 he is part of the coordination team of the project "Improvement of performance Penalties" in partnership with the Portuguese Football Federation, national team of Football Under 18.

Experience of several years in the area, namely in:
- Technical support (Head Coach) of children's football teams, initiates, youths, juniors and seniors (football 7 and football 11), in district clubs (Venda Do Pinheiro, Sport Clube de Frielas, Grupo Desportivo de Loures (Sporting school) ) and AMSAC (futsal, youth, junior and senior classes, in the 1st and 2nd divisions), as well as the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2013/2014);
- Goalkeeper training for 7, 11 and futsal football;
- Observation of games, with production of reports.

Professor Doctor João Fialho
Co-Founder & Scientific Coordinator of the project Alphawin.

Is a PhD in Mathematics of University of Évora, Portugal. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the British University of Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam. He has a vast experience both in private sector and in academia, working in 4 different countries in Higher Education, Finance and Actuarial Sciences and Pricing and Data analysis.

He is an active researcher in the field of Differential Equations and Mathematical Modelling, with a vast research record that includes a vast track of international publications, a book and several invited presentations in international conferences.

Since 2012 he has been involved in several research and modeling projects in several different countries and areas, such as:
-Biomechanics - Mathematical modelling of the scoliotic human spine using traction devices
-Biology - Mathematical modelling of the mosquito population in the Caribbean
-Forecasting using time series, big data and machine learning

Since 2018 he is part of the coordination team of the project "Melhoria de performance desportiva – penalties" with the under 18 squad, in cooperation with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).

What we do

All the models developed are based on a wide range of methods such as forecasting, time series, neuronal networks, genetic algorithms, game theory, statistical modelling, differential equations amongst other techniques in mathematical modelling such as Big Data and Machine Learning.

Decision Support Tools

Development of sports algorithms that are intended as decision support mechanisms

Performance Models

Development of mathematical models to optimize and maximize sports performanceDevelopment of mathematical models to optimize and maximize sports performance

Performance Indicators

Identification of Key Performance Indicators in sports performance, both in the team and from the individual player's perspective

Performance Patterns

Team pattern analysis, both in attacking and defending movements

Rich Dashboards

Dashboard implementation, for data visualization and monitoring of both the team and individual player, sports performance


Alphawin News.



These are some of the teams and soccer teams already analyzed by our algorithms! Clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona FC, Bayern Munique, Schalke 04, Bayern Leverkusen, RB Leipzig, Wolfsburgo, Mainz, Manchester United, Flamengo, Fluminense, Borussia de Dortmund, Athletic Madrid, S L Benfica, FC Porto or Sporting CP. We also analyzed several national football teams like the German, Brasilian, Chilean, Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Croatian, English, Belgian, Moroccan and Iranian.


Alphawin Athletic Madrid Team
Alphawin Barcelona Team
Alphawin Bayer Leverkusen Team
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National Teams

Alphawin Belgium National Team
Alphawin Brasilian National Team
Alphawin Chilean National Team
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Alphawin England National Team
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Alphawin Portuguese National Team
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Insights & Case Studies

Did you know that?

On average each Alphawin report includes 42 variables per penalty and per player. The average number of penalties analyzed per player is around 46, making a total of 1932 variables considered on average, per player.

Alphawin Did you know that? InsightAlphawin Did you know that? Insight

Penalty - Top Player

Henrique Dourado

Henrique Dourado

Henrique Dourado en

The 100% efficiency case on penalty kicks
Henrique Dourado has an efficiency rate of 100% on penalty kicks, throughout his career. The Alphawin algorithm was able to identify the most important factors on choosing the side for which the penalty kick is going to be taken. In Dourado's case there is a certain moment of the game when the probability of shooting right increases drastically.

The goalkeeper with the highest efficiency rate in saving penalties
Of all the goalkeeper analised by Alphawin, Diego Alves is the one with the highest rate of saved penalties. His main characteristics are the tendency to simulate, looking for eye contact with the opponent and wait until the shot is taken.

quote_left As a curiosity, Diego Alves, saved penalties from both Cristiano Ronaldo (2 penalties) and Lionel Messi. quote right

Percentage of saved penalties
Percentage of saved penalties
Percentage of saved penalties
Diego Alves

Diego Alves

Global efficiency
Global efficiency
Global efficiency
Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech

Morocco - Hakim Ziyech
The trend graph and the money shows that it is most effective when it comes to high or low altitude, although this is not a more frequent attitude. In situations where power is one or more tied, a tendency to continue to do the same is very connected. Only ends in the center in situations where the result or pressure of the game is more comfortable.

Alphawin Morocco - Hakim Ziyech
Alphawin Morocco - Hakim Ziyech

Penalty - Top Attributes

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal

Confederations Cup

Arturo Vidal en

Arturo Vidal's Key features
Arturo Vidal was analysed by Alphawin in its pilot project for the Confederations Cup and since then has been followed. The main factor that seems to be looking at the side for where the penalty is going to be taken. The main factors that are related with his performance seem to be simulating and the proximity to the supporting fans.

Sérgio Ramos

Sérgio Ramos

Russia World Cup 2018
Portugal vs Spain

Sérgio Ramos en

Portugal vs Spain - Sérgio Ramos

In case of Sergio Ramos, that factors that seem affect the most when it comes to choosing the side for the shot will be taken seem to be the shooting height and where he looks.

Alphwin's algorithm produces the decision tree with the probabilities of the penalty being taken to a given side, based on the key factors. In case of Sergio Ramos these are the predictions.

Alphawin Portugal vs Spain - Srgio Ramos
Alphawin Portugal vs Spain - Srgio Ramos

Team - Players Analysis





Iran national team
Alphawin Iran national team
Alphawin Iran national team

The graph above illustrates the impact of each individual player in Iran's offensive movement. The algorithm selects as most important factors the number of assists, number of attacking passes and weighs them according to the team performance.

Croatia VS England
Most influential players in gameplay - First Organizer
Combined factor of won ball contests and passes made - 90%
Combined factor of won ball contests and passes made - 90%
Combined factor of won ball contests and passes made - 90%
kyle walker
Combined factor of won ball contests and passes made - 87%
Combined factor of won ball contests and passes made - 87%
Combined factor of won ball contests and passes made - 87%

Alphawin's algorithm, First Organizer, detects which player has the most influence in terms of breaking the opponent’s offense and at the same time is able to create attacking situations for his team. This is what Alphawin labeled as First Organizer. The Algorithm collects information from tackles, passes and attacking passes, weighs them taking efficiency in consideration, and identifies the player with the highest influence for each side.

Game - Forecast Analysis

World Cup Winner - Alphawin

Alphawin's algorithm takes in consideration individual player performance throughout the season, team performance and confrontations between the 2 teams. Thus result was published in the media 2 days before the final took place.

Algoritmo Alphawin

Algoritmo Alphawin

Did you know that?

Did you know that according to Alphawin algorithm, up to his injury during the 2017/2018 season, Danilo Pereira (FC Porto), was the most efficient player in the Portuguese League, with 13% of his passes creating finishing opportunities.

To have access to any the full reports, with all the info and graphs, please contact us.

Alphawin Did you know that? Insight


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